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NewTecnoArt Selene Sport Surrey Bike
This unit is designed to accommodate up to three riders on the single bench and two children in the front basket.
NewTecnoArt Selene Bus Surrey Bike
A double bench favorite with all of the great features that come standard on NewTecnoart surreys including many color options.
NewTecnoArt Selene Superbus Surrey Bike
Accommodating up to three riders per bench plus two children in the front basket, the triple bench Super Bus has all of the room you’ll need for an enjoyable cycling experience.
NewTecnoArt Selene Sport Pedal Assistance
Speed: 11,5 km/h (max. fully-loaded on the flat)
AGM batteries: 2x12 V 80Ah - battery life (led indicated): 3h fully-loaded on the flat
Portable battery charger: input 1 Phx230
Charging Time: 7h (when completely discharged)
Drum brakes on all four whe