Used NewTecnoArt Selene Bus Surrey Bike (Orange/Yellow/Blue w/ Green Top)

Used NewTecnoArt Selene Bus Surrey Bike (Orange/Yellow/Blue w/ Green Top)

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This double bench surrey bike has been fairly used and is in very good working and cosmetic condition!

Italian Made Surrey.

Sold as is.

Fully functional.

Top cover has some small tears at back corner. Enlarged picture to show details. Some light rust, wear, and paint chipping may be found on the frame/metal components as this surrey has been originally used/stored in a coastal climate (See pictures - Ask for more if you're interested!).


-Quick release front opening on basket seat for safety and comfort.
-Vinyl roof.
-Removable panels on the chain guard for easier maintenance.
-Pull brake.
-Front battery operated headlights.

Each bench can seat up to 3 people. On each bench 2 adults are able to pedal (Total of 6 people /4 can pedal/1 can steer). The front basket can seat 2 children and has one safety buckle to secure both. 


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Length 256 cm / 101″

Height 177 cm / 70″

Width 119 cm / 47″

Weight 150 kg / 330lbs

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